About Amy

Amy Charlton, LMT, 200 YTTAmy Charlton, LMT, 200 YTT

Amy’s passions started early. She has always wanted to help people and has always loved the elderly. At age 10 she volunteered at nursing homes, giving hand massages and listening to their stories. She loved connecting with people and finding ways to make their lives easier. It was natural for to her to seek a career in the human services field, where she spent 15 years supporting folks as a community case worker and Recreation Therapist.

Amy has been a Massage Therapist for 11 years, working with BJC STAR, various music venues massaging rock stars, and with The Sisters of Notre Dame. Working as a Massage Therapist, however, she discovered she could only do so much.

She wanted to teach people how to move and stretch in mindful ways. In 2019, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Amy will complete her Yoga for All and Accessible Yoga trainings in 2020.

As a recreation therapist and case worker she noticed the lack of classes for old, fat, queer, disabled, or mentally ill folks and people of color. Amy has made it her mission to make her classes accessible to anybody. She has educated herself to make her classes and services trauma-informed and inclusive. She continuously devotes herself to providing a relaxing, adaptive, and friendly environment to the St. Louis area.

Having worked with people throughout the years, Amy found a love and passion for supporting those in need. That passion evolved into compassion. As we know, life isn’t easy, and living with pain or anxiety can make it more difficult. We will always benefit from coming together and supporting one another.

If you’d like to get started on classes, meditation, or massage, or if you just want to know Amy better, then reach out TODAY!

She’ll be delighted to meet you…and meet your needs.

Meet Betty and the Bowls

I couldn’t do this alone. Betty has been working alongside me for the last year, and I’ve grown kind of attached. She’s a Chiron 32-inch planetary Paiste gong from Turkey. Learning to play her has become part of my personal daily meditation and a great way to explore the grounding and relaxing benefits of sound.

The history of the bowls is a wee bit mysterious. Monks across the world have used them for meditate purposes for centuries, and the ones I play came from Nepal. Come to a Gong Experience and I think you’ll really like Betty and The Bowls too!


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